out of the brain

First there is intelligence
and then becomes a thought.

New intelligences for change

Artificial Intelligence is changing Business

More Agile

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. The AI too.

New Business Models

Artificial Intelligence often creates new business models.


The data must be transformed into information and this into knowledge.

People Life

People have a life and companies must be part of it. AI makes it possible.

Amplifying business capacities

AI for Business

AI for business

We work with organizations to amplify their
capacities and abilities of their employees.


Consensus brings you closer to
ethical solutions.

Digital transformation with AI goal

From business to AI step by step


You need a starting point to build a good strategy in AI for Business.

New interfaces

The AI goal will make new ways to interact with information.

Machine Learning

The AI goal will allow us to digitize intelligences and generate new ones.


AI makes sense if it finally brings a benefit to people.

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